October 15, 2016


We've been hearing about the wonderful deeds, helpful hints and extraordinary things that great/grandparents do for their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  We are impressed!

We try very hard to not overstep our boundaries and are careful of what we say and don't say.  Do we set our limits so that our authority is clear, not threatening ?  Or do we just say whatever is on our minds at the moment, which often may be taking a judgmental stand?

If we were organizers for the Union of Great/Grandparents what would be our demands?
·       Do we want to have an hourly wage paid in terms of getting feedback  that the young children are thriving with our care?
·       Do we want the hours of care to be consistent with our own activities?
·       Do we want to be able to raise issues of concern without being worried that we are overstepping our boundaries?
·       Do we want our children to be able to tell us when we are off the mark, without feeling hurt and disappointed?
·       Do we want to be free to express our values, our votes, our understanding of life?

Unions are usually formed to protect and enhance the workplace, and are often seen as "we against them".  But the union we are proposing
is one that would make it easier for great/grandparents to work with parents in enhancing their children's lives, as well as keeping ideas, feelings and options more open and beneficial to all.  

Are you with us?

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